Marquette University Website (Web Development)

My most comprehensive project for Marquette to date, I migrated the former Diederich College of Communication website to the university’s new Omniupdate, the university’s new content management system that is fully accessible. In addition to completing the website migration, I re-designed the website, writing custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

During the migration, I helped the IT department troubleshoot solutions to known and unknown bugs in the Omniupdate software. It was a rewarding project that further solidified the professional relationships I’ve built with colleagues in IT and the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Lavender Hill Properties (Web Development)


Lavender Hill Properties Web Page

I recently acquired web development skills to enhance some projects for my current copywriting role, and learning these technologies allowed me to build this custom website for a friend’s side business, Lavender Hill Properties.  Skills I used to create this website included: writing the copy and taking the photographs for the properties, adding HTML and CSS code to structure and style each web page, setting up the domain name, and uploading the files to the web host.