Method Outdoor Campaign and Article (spec)

Sometimes when I’m commuting (I take the train), I think about potential outdoor campaigns for some of my favorite brands.  Success with outdoor now relies strongly on novelty.  Such campaigns must start with a big idea that translates across different mediums.  They must be events that consumers can share socially and agencies can distribute digitally.  This starts with a brand asking, how can we be more generous and give customers an excellent experience with our products?

During one particular commute, I found myself moody because the car I was riding in smelled horrible.  The train was full, so I was stuck.  As I sat there, I thought, I wish I had some Method air refresher.  And then it hit me, a potential campaign for Method could involve improving the smelliest platforms in New York City.  If such a campaign was executed, here is how I could see it unfolding.