Shop Your Way (Social)

Shop Your Way is a social site for Sears’ loyalty program, and I am the content manager for KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool brands. The site is reminiscent of Pinterest, with a single page for each brand and staggered posts.

I write some original content and share the calendar with the client every month, and once content is approved, I post it to the Shop Your Way site. I then use the analytical tools to determine which posts customers most relate to and tailor the content accordingly.

I am particularly proud of the work I’ve done for Maytag. When I started creating content for this brand, the page only had 80 followers. It became our mission to grow the following, and after six months of consistent posts and using feedback from analytical tools to tailor content, the following exploded to 5000+ followers and continues to grow!


Maytag NatHammockDayMaytag_NatLasagnaDay

Maytag Dependability for 122 years


KitchenAid Aioli SYWKitchenAid Bastille Day

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