Robot Friend (Web Development)

Robot Friend Image

I admit it: I am a CSS nerd. I very much enjoy working with this markup language. There is something magical about bringing colors, layout and style elements into a website. For me, the CSS stage is when a website starts to come alive.

And because CSS continues to get smarter, we can use it now for simple animations when before only JavaScript would do. Thanks to better browser support, we can write elegant CSS code without a lot of web prefixes that we needed to add previously for individual browsers.

I completed this CSS project as part of a course that I took to learn some more complicated JavaScript skills, but I enjoyed the CSS section as well and built this robot who waves his arms and legs when you hover over them. You can also make his head bigger if you hover over it as well.

To see the code from this project, please visit my Github project. If you’d like to download the project and try to make the robot dance, click the “Clone or Download” button on the project page. Launch the project by clicking on the “index.html” file.

JavaScript To Do List (Web Development)

JavaScript to do list

At some point, every web developer who learns JavaScript eventually creates a “to do” list. Creating a web application that allows one to add or remove items from a list incorporates both DOM (document object model) manipulation and programming logic.

I worked on this particular project challenge as part of a JavaScript course. At the time, it took a few days to complete. This is a bare bones application without any embellishment, as the point of the exercise was to build a fully functional web application. The code for this particular project can be viewed on my Github profile.

If you’d like to try out the web application, you can click “Clone or Download” from on the Github project. Then, launch the web application by double clicking on the “index.html” file.